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  1. Alex Shiels

    Too bad for India

    This product is being sold at around 400$ in US and Europe, That\’s roughly 25000 Rs. But after including all the taxes, it comes up to 40000 Rs.
    The irony is, in US, people earn more and pay less whereas here, people earn less and pay more.
    PS4 is not worth 40K considering the price of the games and the number of games available.
    But hopefully it ll be worth it in the next 2-3 years.

    Alex Shiels

  2. Joseph Scott

    Stellar Device, But Too Expensive

    Benchmarks and comparisons have suggested that the PS4 is leaps and bounds ahead of the Xbox One in terms of raw performance. Microsoft is going with an all-in-one console with the Xbone which would appeal more to the American audience who stream a lot of content online through services like Hulu Plus, Netflix etc. But if your intention is to just play games with the best detail available, then the PlayStation 4 is an immediate choice.

    But there is a one area of concern which is holding me back.

    The console costs $399 in the U.S. which is not more than 25,000 INR. So paying a premium of Rs.15,000 is just not feasible when you think about it, not to mention the prices of games which extends up to 4,000 each. If Flipkart or Sony India was offering a couple of free titles along with the console, then it would make some sense. Guess they will do that after a couple of months, but at this point paying so much just doesn\’t make financial sense.

    Sony\’s official PlayStation FAQ page mentions that there\’s no region locking for the console, so it wouldn\’t be a bad idea to import one. But just to be safe, it is advisable to wait till the prices drop and then make the purchase in India.

    Joseph Scott

  3. Jason bradley

    yeah i can wait for it 🙂

    ok so this is not a review but anyways hear me out. i found out the PS3 retail price in india is cheaper then retail price in USA. so i do not for a second believe the import tax BS argument. if there is a TAX of 36% on PS4 which results in Rs 39,990. wouldn\’t there be a similar tax on ps3?. how is it cheaper in india? this fact really left me wondering whats going on i personally think that the 15k premium is to there out max margins.also no competition right now with no xbox one till late 2014.

    its like a galaxy phone priced at whopping 46,9999.. cough… (note3) for no reason. then six to 8 months later boom… 30 % price drop. yay!! consumers are not idiots. this is not a smartphone obviously but u can see whats going on. its all demand and supply. 1)either there is no demand at this price. 2) they milk the initial ho haah demand. 3) lack of demand will just cause a price drop later on.

    i have a ps3 and i love it. i will buy a ps4 the only question is When. not IF!

    Jason bradley

  4. Lloyd Budd

    RE: Anurag Rekhde

    He is damn right, the first wave of customers just buy the product with no questions asked…the stupidity or the shear wastage of money they want to do, no idea.
    But wait till winter sale comes, there are not even a wide variety of games available for PS4.

    Even after that, XBOX One will be available, then decide on the basis of Games you want to play, then choose between the two. Personally, 40K for a box of games is worthless, believe me, you will cry after a few months, when the price drops.

    Said that, ALWAYS, buy when the competition is there, xbox will be available in september, decide on the basis of games you want to play, not the fan basis, eventually both the consoles are same, except for the exclusive titles.

    PATIENCE AMIGOS. PATIENCE, it will be a decade before the new generation of consoles come, don\’t get trolled. Let the price drop or atleast let the xbox come. Go and watch Game of Thrones in the meantime.

    Lloyd Budd

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